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Also, sort of introductory post over here! Go ask me a question. :D
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Last minute have about 3hrs to get your entry for challenge #6 ( @ [ profile] actorlims submitted. You have no skips left, so if you don't enter, you'll be disqualified.

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Just a reminder that you have approximately 14 hours to submit your icon to [ profile] versus_lims. The entry can be found here (

Skips are encouraged NOT to be used the first round.
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Thanks a lot.:)

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This is a reminder that your icons for [ profile] versus_lims are due tomorrow by 2PM EDT.

You have no skips left. If you do not enter, you will be disqualified.

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I was wondering if I could be added, please? <3
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Oh, sure.:) May I ask where you know me from?

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i've seen your icons around and love them. add me?
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Sure, tho I rarely post icons, jsyk.:)

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I've seen you commenting on [ profile] breaktheskye's journal and got a bit curious. Add me?
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Hello! I noticed you're watching my comm, [ profile] sexy_mood_music, but you haven't joined. I wanted to let you know that you must join to see any graphics. Well, that's it. Take care. :)


I apologize if I've sent you this annoying message before, but I wanna make sure that anyone who wants to join the comm and check out our work will do so!

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Hey there! Not asking to friend. Just wanted to thank you for joining [ profile] sexy_mood_music! I hope you enjoy the wide range of graphics and music we've offered so far!

Feel free to contribute links to our monthly music-sharing post and to enter our upcoming icontest! The link to the latest music post is on the top of our main page (not the profile).

BTW, do you happen to know where I can promote the comm with some banners by our makers ( Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Take care! :)


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heyyy :D
i'm sara -waves-

i friended you. ^_^

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I figured I'd leave a comment to be polite.
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hey! i found you on stepps bandom friending meme and would liiiiike to subscribe. that cool?

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Hey it's me? Add me? hx